Microsoft Website & Installation

I art directed and designed this project at Zaaz (now Possible Worldwide). This was a campaign for Microsoft Touch Mouse. The campaign would have an eight feet mouse displays in many art museums around the US. When audiences touch the mouse that installed in the museum it will generate art that will be projected to a big canvas. Along with the big mouse, we created a website where user can create art in the biggest canvas in the world with several animated brushes from flying bird, swimming fish, color splash to growing vine and they can come back to re-create or see other art pieces in this virtual 3D space. I did the prototype to make sure that the concept would work and what the user experience would be in AfterEffects.
mstouchmouse01 mstouchmouse02 mstouchmouse03 mstouchmouse04 mstouchmouse06 mstouchmouse10 mstouchmouse11 mstouchmouse09